NMR Restraints Grid

Result table
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image mrblock_id pdb_id cing stage position program type
516677 2k4c cing 1-original 3 unknown small-angle x-ray scattering

!*************** SAXS data *******************************
   q,A^-1        I(q)   SigmaI(q)
3.978E-02   7.202E-01   2.605E-03
4.956E-02   6.062E-01   3.083E-03
5.935E-02   4.995E-01   3.450E-03
6.913E-02   3.996E-01   3.578E-03
7.891E-02   3.197E-01   3.519E-03
8.869E-02   2.542E-01   3.342E-03
9.847E-02   2.034E-01   3.073E-03
1.083E-01   1.633E-01   2.749E-03
1.180E-01   1.329E-01   2.430E-03
1.278E-01   1.093E-01   2.140E-03
1.376E-01   8.940E-02   1.860E-03
1.474E-01   7.350E-02   1.621E-03
1.572E-01   5.996E-02   1.406E-03
1.669E-01   4.847E-02   1.211E-03
1.767E-01   3.932E-02   1.050E-03
1.865E-01   3.133E-02   8.979E-04
1.963E-01   2.517E-02   7.725E-04
2.061E-01   2.055E-02   6.765E-04
2.158E-01   1.657E-02   5.903E-04
2.256E-01   1.387E-02   5.417E-04
2.354E-01   1.151E-02   5.108E-04
2.452E-01   9.992E-03   5.117E-04
2.550E-01   8.097E-03   4.984E-04
2.647E-01   6.753E-03   4.942E-04
2.745E-01   5.911E-03   5.046E-04
2.843E-01   4.970E-03   4.912E-04
2.941E-01   4.489E-03   4.955E-04
3.038E-01   3.730E-03   4.561E-04
3.136E-01   3.453E-03   4.447E-04
3.234E-01   3.167E-03   4.236E-04
3.332E-01   2.687E-03   3.809E-04
3.429E-01   2.799E-03   3.912E-04
3.527E-01   2.552E-03   3.764E-04

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