NMR Restraints Grid

Result table
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image mrblock_id pdb_id bmrb_id cing stage program type
633277 5z5r 36158 cing 1-original MR format comment

*HEADER    ANTIBIOTIC                              19-JAN-18   5Z5R              
*TITLE     NUKACIN ISK-1 IN INACTIVE STATE                                       
*COMPND    MOL_ID: 1;                                                            
*COMPND   2 MOLECULE: LANTIBIOTIC NUKACIN;                                       
*COMPND   3 CHAIN: A;                                                            
*COMPND   4 SYNONYM: BACTERIOCIN ISK-1                                           
*SOURCE    MOL_ID: 1;                                                            
*SOURCE   3 ORGANISM_TAXID: 1292                                                 
*KEYWDS    LANTIBIOTICS, ANTIBIOTIC                                              
*EXPDTA    SOLUTION NMR                                                          
*NUMMDL    20                                                                    
*AUTHOR    D.KOHDA,D.FUJINAMI                                                    
*REVDAT   1   28-NOV-18 5Z5R    0                                                

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