NMR Restraints Grid

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image mrblock_id pdb_id cing stage position program type subtype subsubtype
476131 1buf cing 1-original 3 AMBER distance hydrogen bond simple

# r1=0, r4=r3+0.3; ref.: James (1994) Biochemistry 33, 354
# H-bond distance C1-G12, rk2, rk3 = 50% of kdist (10) = 5
 &rst iat=17,365,-1,-1,iresid=0,r1=0,r2=2.81,r3=3.01,r4=3.31,
 &rst iat=20,366,r1=0,r2=2.85,r3=3.05,r4=3.35,&end
 &rst iat=22,369,r1=0,r2=2.76,r3=2.96,r4=3.26,&end
# H-bond distance A2-T11
 &rst iat=47,336,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.85,r3=3.05,r4=3.35,&end
 &rst iat=50,337,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.72,r3=2.92,r4=3.22,&end
# H-bond distance A3-T10
 &rst iat=79,304,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.85,r3=3.05,r4=3.35,&end
 &rst iat=82,305,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.72,r3=2.92,r4=3.22,&end
# H-bond distance T4-A9
 &rst iat=114,269,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.85,r3=3.05,r4=3.35,&end
 &rst iat=115,272,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.72,r3=2.92,r4=3.22,&end
# H-bond distance T5-A8
 &rst iat=146,237,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.85,r3=3.05,r4=3.35,&end
 &rst iat=147,240,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.72,r3=2.92,r4=3.22,&end
# H-bond distance G6-C7
 &rst iat=175,207,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.81,r3=3.01,r4=3.31,&end
 &rst iat=176,210,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.85,r3=3.05,r4=3.35,&end
 &rst iat=179,212,-1,-1,r1=0,r2=2.76,r3=2.96,r4=3.26,&end

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